How Coyote Stole the Summer

written by Stephen Krensky
illustrated by Kelly Dupre
Millbrook Press, 2008
ISBN 978-0822575481 (hardcover)
First Avenue Editions, 2009
ISBN 978-1580138482 (paperback)

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Brrr! Coyote is always cold! That's because it's winter all year long. But Old Woman has something amazing called summer. It's tied up in a little bag in her tipi. Coyote and his friends Wolf, Moose, Elk, Stag, and Antelope make a plan to steal summer. But when Coyote grabs the bag, Old Woman's children chase after him. Will his plan work? Will everyone have a chance to share summer's warmth? Find out what happens in this fast-paced tale!

From Midwest Book Review: "Stories drawn from mythology and folklore are perennially popular with young readers. "How The Coyote Stole The Summer" is adapted from a Native American folktale by Stephen Krensky and nicely illustrated by Kelly Dupre. Coyote is tired of it being winter all year long and teams up with his friends Raven, Wolf, Moose, Elk, Stage, and Antelope to steal something called summer from Old Woman. Can he succeed? Part of the outstanding Millbrook Press 'On My Own Folklore' series, this wonderful story is highly recommended for family, school, and community library Folklore/Folktale collections for young readers."

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