Kelly in her studio


As a published author, illustrator, and former teacher, Kelly as developed several programs that are both fun and educational.  Weaving pictures, stories, show and tell items such as book materials, art tools, and artifacts, she provides an engaging, high interest program for any age.

Kelly guides the audience on a fascinating journey of writing and illustrating picture books set in different places and cultures such as the Arctic, Somalia, and her own back yard of Northern Minnesota.  She is also able to cater her program to the age,size, time line, and individual requests of the group.  The writing process, specific art projects, setting and achieving goals, or living a creative life are just a few of the speicial focus topics she can provide.


All fees are negotiable.

Each session up to 60 minutes

1/2 day -(up to 2 sessions) $300
full day- (up to 4 sessions) $600
two full days-$1.000
plus mileage and accommodations if needed


For more information, questions, fees for multi-day residencies/conferences, or scheduling contact Kelly at (218) 370-1178 or

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