The Raven's Gift

Qayb Libaax

retold by Said Salah Ahmed
illustrated by Kelly Dupre
Minnesota Humanities Center, 2006
ISBN 978-1-931016-12-4

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Originally told around campfires just before bedtime, The Lion's Share is a folk tale from Somalia told often to children. It is one of the most commonly shared stories, so it seemed like a natural for one of the few Somalian/English bi-lingual picture books to be published in the world.

One of the book's illustrations—the animals are worried about what Lion will demand from them.

The hungry animals of the Somali forest have worked together to kill a big fat camel. Now they must decide how to divide it. Will the portions be equal? Not with the lion in charge! Read this popular Somali folktale and see why, as the other animals come to understand, "the lion's share is not fair!"

Kelly says:

Illustrating this book gave me an opportunity to work with desert colors and themes. I've enjoyed learning Said's version of this tale and working with the MHC on this project.

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