The Raven's Gift

a true story from Greenland
written and illustrated by Kelly Dupre
Houghton Mifflin, 2001
ISBN 0-6180-1171-4

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Home to the musk oxen, narwhal, polar bear, and raven, Greenland—the earth's largest island—seems to hold the magic and mystery of the far north. What would it be like to visit there? To kayak along its remote shores, dogsled through its tundra, visit its tiny villages?

With charming linoleum block prints, Kelly Dupre follows the long, difficult journey of two men. In simple words, she captures the tenacity and vitality of all that they see—and subtly reveals to children what can be learned from a place like Greenland.

From Publishers Weekly: "She makes the daunting Arctic journey comprehensible for young readers with engaging linoleum block prints that chronicle his trek and by zeroing in on his moving encounter with a raven. Primitivist images with thick black outlines recall the art of the Inuit people that her husband, Lonnie, so admires. ... A fitting ode to a rough land and a resilient people."

Kelly says:

This was my first book, but it's also a very personal story because it was my husband Lonnie who had this experience. I was inspired by his adventure!

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